On Being “Outdoorsy” Enough

Sophie Grace
2 min readJan 17, 2024
Photo by Frances Gunn on Unsplash

There seems to be a lot of gatekeeping within the outdoorsy community. I have found this out recently as I’ve started associating myself with that group on social media. I am trying to use my TikTok recently to appeal and reach out to other outdoorsy people and try to grow my following. But it has been difficult for many reasons.

Sometimes, I feel a bit disconnected from the label because I feel (or am made to feel) as if I don’t own the “right brands”. I am also not very fit so I don’t exactly look like all of the other granola influencers (that’s what they are called, I promise). I haven’t been to any crazy places like the Grand Tetons (yet) or done any difficult hikes. I haven’t thru-hiked. I don’t know all of the terminology. I only camp once every few years. And I’ve never rock-climbed, skiied, or surfed.

I would love to find my own place in these communities as my same old plus size, quirky-dressing, low-income self. I love being outdoors because it makes me happy and feel alive and honestly, that is enough.

This is just your reminder that calling yourself “outdoorsy” isn’t a matter of owning thousands of dollars of equipment, doing intense daily exercises, traveling far distances, or having a certain aesthetic.

All you need to do to be outdoorsy is to be outside. Enjoy the outdoors. Revere mother nature. Leave no trace. If all you are able to do is take a walk down the street or visit a local park or sit in your backyard, just being outside is still enough.

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